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Be Well Allergy Drops


Allergy FL. OZ (60 ml)
A Safe and Effective Homeopathic Medication.

Be Well Allergy modulates the symptoms of Allergies:

EYES: Itchy eyes, excessive lacrymation, sensitive eyes , burning of the eyelids.
NOSE: watery discharge of the nose, itching nose,sneezing, hay fever, burning nose, burning mouth, burning throat also bladder and skin.
LUNGS : Cough, catarrh
Dosage: 10 drops sublingually three times daily, children under 12 half of the adult dosage.

Be Well? Allergy is manufactured in a FDA approved facility under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Formulated by Richard T. Clement MD a physician with 18 years clinical experience. Be Well? Allergy contains 10 substances in homeopathic dilutions.

  1. Apis mellifica 2 X, 10 X, 30X (a dilution of Bee)
  2. Apisinum 12 X, 15X, 30 X (a dilution of Bee venom) with strong action on eye allergies
  3. Allium cepa 3 X (a dilution of the Red Onion) indicated for running nose and red eyes with tears and burning of the eyelids
  4. Euphrasia 3 X (a dilution of Eyebright) indicated for watery eyes, and running nose
  5. Sabadilla 3 X (a dilution of Asagraea Offcinalis) indicated for hay-fever. running nose and sneezing
  6. Euphorbium 6 X (a dilution of Euphorbia Resinifera) for coryza, sinus conditions and spasmodic cough
  7. Pulsatilla 6 X (a dilution of Wind Flower) itching and burning eyes, coryza, dry cough, lung conditions
  8. Hedera helix 4 X (a dilution of common Ivy) for running nose
  9. Histaminum 6 X, 12 X (a dilution of Histamine)


The effect of high dilutions of  Apis mellifica (Apis mel) used for the treatment of allergic diseases has been assessed on in vitro human basophil degranulation.

Experiments were conducted blind. 2. Basophil degranulation induced by 1.66 X 10(-9) M anti-IgE antibody was significantly inhibited in the presence of 9 Apis mel (9th centesimal dilution of Apis mel).

Basophil degranulation induced by 1.66 X 10(-16) to 1.66 X 10(-18) M anti-IgE antibody was also inhibited by high dilutions of  Apis mel with an inhibition of nearly 100% with   10 Apis mel (10th centesimal dilution of Apis mel).
An alternance of inhibition, inactivity and stimulation was observed when basophils were incubated in the presence of serial dilutions of  Apis mel. 3.

The investigation of the clinical efficacy of high dilutions of   Apis mel should be envisaged in allergic diseases in parallel with in vitro and ex vivo biological assays.

Homeopathy is regulated and most the medications can be obtained without a prescription.

Homeopathy has demonstrated superiority to placebo in clinical studies in the field of allergies.

Dilutions are written as follows 1 X = 1 part per 10 = 1/10 2 X = 1/100, 3X=1/1,000 ?..1 C = 1 part per 100, 2 C= 1 part per 10,000, 3 C= 1 part per 1,000,000.


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