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Be Well Phase 6 Oral drops


For the stimulation of the non specific defense system according to Homeopathy and Homotoxicology


  1. Taraxacum Off 1X Exhaustion
  2. Galium Aparine 1X 3X Dedifferentiation phase (skin)
  3. Thuja 3X Induration, tumors
  4. Aloe 3X 6X 12X 30X Dysbiosis, digestive symptoms
  5. Phytolacca 3X11X19X27X Swollen lymph nodes
  6. Euphorbium Officinarum 6X Antiviral
  7. Zincum Metallicum 6X Exhaustion
  8. Arsenicum Album 6X14X22X30X Exhaustion
  9. Viscum Album 8X16X24X Immuno-stimulation
  10. Conium Maculatum 30X Tumors
  11. Histaminum Hydrochloricum 200X Immuno modulator
  12. Formicum Acidum 200X Immuno modulator according to Homeopathy


10 drops sublingually three times daily.

NOTE: Homeopathy is not a replacement to standard Medical therapies in the case of Cancer, check with your Physician and Oncologist while using supplements and Homeopathic medications

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